new guy, newbie questions.

Rob Landley landley at
Fri Jan 18 18:39:26 PST 2002

On Saturday 19 January 2002 05:17 am, Chris Lingard wrote:
> Rob Landley wrote:
> > I'm not a newbie to linux.
> >
> > I was just wondering if there was a faster way to get started than to
> > recapitulate phylogeny on the whole project.  The web site doesn't have
> > anything resembling a "getting started" section, that's all I wask asking
> > about...
> phylogeny is all Greek to me.
> I could send you a bootable LFS CD.  I use it to install LFS on empty
> machines and just let a script run overnight.  You still need to set up a
> kernel, lilo.conf and fstab before the new system will boot.

Thanks for the offer, but I'm really looking for something I can download and 
install through the net with a boot disk.  (Cable modem.  Fun for the whole 
family.)  I grabbed the ISO images for Sourcerer and Gentoo and might throw 
one on the hard drive and try to install from that...  (I have a CD burner, 
but haven't bothered with it in a while.  The machine it's in is actually 
acting as the gateway right now, I'd have to swap parts around to get it into 
a machine I could actually burn stuff from...)

As for still having to set up a kernel, on of the projects I'm working on 
these days is CML2's "autoconfigure" mode.  It's not quite fire and forget 
yet, but it's getting there.  (At this point it's largely a question of 
testing it on more and more systems, and seeing what it gets wrong.  You can 
run menuconfig afterwords to see how good the system prober did...)

> Its got lynx, LFS source, book and hints on it.

I've downloaded the book and am slowly churning through it.  I'm looking for 
something that installs KDE because that's the code I most want to debug (and 
is a royal pain to build from source and use on a system where it's already 
been installed but not from source.  Red Hat's version and KDE's version 
fight.  Big time.)

> You would then become another of my unofficial and unpaid testers.

Possibly.  If you've got an ISO image and I can chop the boot disk part out 
of the el-dorito boot sector thing and put it on an actual disk pointing to a 
partition to get the filesystem from, or a web server or something to 
download the files from.  (Yes.  I'm odd.  Thanks for noticing...)

Gentoo's installer is written in python, which is the language I've been 
hacking in most for the past few months, (C is nice but after you've been 
away from manual memory management for a while it's just so painful to go 
back when you don't have a good reason...) so I'll probably play with that 
one first.  Anybody know if it plays with the same XML files?

By the way, is anybody collating the various XML package listy thingies the 
web page links to?  (I haven't gotten that far yet.  Still reading the basic 
LFS book.  Been meaning to for ages...)

> Chris

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