new guy, newbie questions.

Rob Landley landley at
Fri Jan 18 03:41:10 PST 2002

Okay, I've been subscribed to this list for two days and received about five 
emails, so I doubt this is going to get lost in the list traffic. :)

Where's the FAQ and HOWTO for this project?  I can't find them.  (If there 
AREN'T any, I'm probably going to start writing simple ones since I have to 
learn all this gorp to begin with.)

There's two toys I can download, one written in C, one written in perl.  
According to the web site, the perl one is official but unmaintained.  (Huh?)

The steps -I- understand to getting a fresh system up (with tweezers, yes 
that was me at ALS in 1998 :) is:

Make a boot floppy, stick it inna machine.  Boot floppy goes partition, 
format, copy kernel and binaries from floppy to new root partition (in a 
temporary directory), connect to internet, download glibc and gcc (binary) 
tarballs, untar them (also into temporary directory), download source 
tarballs for all of the above, recompile and install the compiled version in 
the final location.  Now download an awful lot of OTHER source tarballs and 
go "configure; make; make install" for a long time.

There's apparently a monster script that does all this by parsing a big XML 
file that lists the tarballs and how to configure them.  Cool, all for it.  
Is there a list of steps to allow a newbie to get a system up and running the 
first time?  Neither the "introduction" nor the "roadmap" are particularly 
forthcoming here.  (I can sort of guess what a "hints" file is, but not how 
to use it...)

Over the next few days I'll read the archives and play with the programs on 
my test system.  I'm just kind of curious.  (The web site mentions KDE.  Are 
you that far, or is this a wish list item?  It doesn't say...)

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