Scott Carradice breevonyx at
Sat Jan 12 19:03:31 PST 2002

I am trying to build a profile for myself and
would like to ask a couple questions about methods
and the commands I see used in the LFS-3.1 profile.

I see <search> and <prune> tags in these profiles but I
cannot find them in any of the documentation.
What do these tags do?

Also I am using nALFS and I would like to know what the
best way to pass parameters to make and gcc.

I want to pass flags to gcc so it compiles for i386
and sometimes want to be able to pass -j2 to make.

I am guessing the following is correct but am not sure:

<setenv name="CFLAGS" value="-march=i386" />
<setenv name="CXXFLAGS" value="-march=i386" />
  <base> ..basedir.. </base>

Will this work?

Any insight will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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