Pedro Ortigão pmo at
Wed Feb 27 08:54:13 PST 2002

Neven Has wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 11:27:03PM +0000, Pedro Ortigão wrote:
>> I don't know if this has been reported before, but the previous version
>> seemed to skip marking steps has completed with the '#' even though there
>> were, in fact, executed. This only seems to happen when very long
>> profiles are runned.
> No, it hasn't been reported before (at least not to me ;).
> Can you somehow reproduce that every time? Also, does it leave the marks
> at running status ('>') or removes them all together?
> In any case, I'll review the way the frontend follows the elements being
> executed.

I'm not sure I'll be albe to reproduce that behaviour. It has happenned a 
couple of times. What happens is that somewhere alogin the way the running 
status mark ('>') is updated any longer, ie, keeps pointing to the same 
part of the profile, even though it is already executing the next parts. In 
the end you get some parts of the profile marked has completed ('#') and 
some like they haven't been marked to run... and the parent "process" 
marked has ('@'). In any case all the profile was correctly built.

Hope this helps. I'll try to reproduce the behaviour. Maybe the profile is 
too long, it follows the same design of your LFS3.1 the parent XML is goes 
like this:


    BLFS Profile
    by Pedro Ortigão - pmo at

    based on profiles by Nicolas Nieswandt - Nicolas at
    based on profiles by Neven Has - haski at sezampro.yu

<!DOCTYPE alfs [

<!ENTITY % general_entities SYSTEM "entities/general">
<!ENTITY % package_entities SYSTEM "entities/package">
<!ENTITY % system_entities SYSTEM "entities/system">



<alfs version="2.0">


Best regards,
Pedro Ortigão
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