Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Tue Feb 26 09:49:51 PST 2002

Just a few might_be_important_for_someone notes...

I removed <include> completely, so instead of the old syntax, use:

    <whatever:include href="location/of/some/profile"/>

instead. "whatever" is a namespace which should be declared with:

    <alfs xmlns:whatever="">

although it's not necessary (yet) in nALFS.

This XInclude implementation is probably not 100% following its draft yet,
but it should work. I usually test the profile that's using it by parsing
it with libxml2's implementation of XInclude (xmllint for example).

Logging of installed packages is added. There are tons of different
situations with this one, and probably not all are covered. If you encounter
something unusual or not logical, let me know. It's still far from perfect.

There is not much (if any) documentation covering new features, commands etc.
I wanted to release this version as soon as possible (if that could be said
after 3 months ;), planning to start releasing new ones much more often in
the future. So I might update the docs soon.

As always, if anybody finds some bug or anything (probable now more then
ever, considering the amount of new and different things) please let me know.


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