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Tue Feb 12 23:46:32 PST 2002


On Sun, Feb 03, 2002 at 12:38:40PM +0000, Mark Ellis wrote:
> I wouldn't object to a renaming of these, but i'm not convinced by 
> these suggestions. Setup sounds more like system configuration, and 
> install implies that is all the step should contain, whereas there 
> might actually be _setup_ requirements.

Well, setup here is suppose to imply whatever you need todo before the
building stage, while install is suppose to imply the process of actualy
installing the package;





So, the four major tags:

    o info

	Deals with metadate, it's name and version presently.  Everyone
	seems to agree this is a good move as it will allow us to expand
	in the future. (description, homepage, author, license, etc)

    o setup

	Deals with setting up the package for building.  Here we run
	the configure script with a default prefix of /usr.

    o build

	Does the actually building of the package.

    o install

	Deals with the actuall install process of the package.  This is
	where the executables and support files get installed, along
	with configuration files and so forth.

I've just been using setup/install mostly because i don't like the idea
of prebuild/postbuild.  This just imples the tags under there respected
placeholders are suppose to fall into there category.

[PS, You may be wondering where the unpacking and removing of the
tarball is.  One reason i moved it here is that they don't actually fit
with any of the placeholders.  the unpacking of the tarball could
possibly fit under setup, however the removing would not fit in the
install process.  One option would be to add another tag, such as
cleanup or what not.. or even just throw it in install anyways.

One idea i've been playing with is, is unpacking all the tarballs at the
start of the chapter, then removing them at the end of the chapter.
This would require more disk space and so forth, and does spread the
package install process all over the place.. but it's an idea.

On the other hand, that would kinda suck for individual package.  And
what happens if say the idea of skipping a package comes into play, then
you end up unpacking and removing that skipped package for nothing,
waste of resources and cycles]

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