Syntax, shall we?

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Wed Feb 6 06:45:56 PST 2002

On 2002-02-05, Seth W. Klein doth wrote:

> > > But, thinking about it, i take back the <createfile> suggestion. I think
> > > something consistent with <mkdir> would be better. The obvious is <mkfile>
> > > but that is more abbreviation than usually popular these days. How about
> > > <makefile> and <makedir>?
> >
> > Well in that case (in regard to consistency), I would use <create_dir> and
> > <create_file> instead. ;) <makefile> might be misleading, especially since
> > we have <make> element.
> Oophf, never thought of that. Yep, create wins. But i _still_ don't think
> the underscore is a good idea.
> > It would nice if more people throw their comments in. I think that syntax
> > changes like these need more opinions.
> I second that.

K, how about <createFile> and <createDir>?  AFAIK, xml is case sensitive, so have to watch out for those type of typos when making profiles.  Easy for me,  that style of nameing has become my style of choice for variable names and things of that nature  :)




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