How well does it work?

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Subject: How well does it work?

Anyway, I would like to know to what degree does ALFS work.  In other
words, what components work, which ones do not, and which ones are on
the edge?  How configurable is it with regard to which packages to
install, and the such.  And, lastly, how active is the support and
develoment of the ALFS project.

I'm using nALFS. I started off with LFS as an educational thing, later
realised ALFS lets me build completely defined, logged and rebuildable

I like this because I'm building some network utility boxes: DNS/DHCP,
routers etc, on small, flash-based systems. All component installation and
configuration is done with easy-to-write ALFS xml (you need to bookmark
Vassili's invaluable ALFS docs at ). I can cross-compile from a
fast box to a slow, fanless target. When I decide I want another version of
a component I can make the change in the xml and rebuild the whole thing,
copy to flash, lilo the flash and I'm done except for the screwdrivers. The
LFS partition, xml profiles and build logs are then archived to CD ROM.

I've been through three releases of nALFS in the last year, so development
is active. I upgraded for fun, not to fix bugs. I haven't *found* any bugs
to report.

Best regards,
Geoff Stevens

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