make menuconfig.

Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at
Wed Apr 24 14:18:43 PDT 2002


> Right.
> Right.
> Right. :))
/me grins all over the face

> What
> you're doing is letting the server run, and let you interact with that
> through a simple pipe (ssh, telnet, or whatever you are using.) I guess
> it's not that easy to redirect a ncurses app to a pipe ("simulate a
> virtual terminal", excuse my total ignorance in the vt area, but I never
> *needed* to know anything about how it works;) but you don't have to do
> that, the remote shell daemons do that. But if the server DOESN'T have a
> daemon for remote access, just as it may not have a FTP daemon (as in my
> last stupid post,) what do you do? (This is a QUESTION, I have no answer
> for this. There's no other way imho.)
Hmm. Gets to deep into things for me here. Neven?

> Sorry for my total lack of coherence, I'm soooo tired.
Well, no problem... *yawn*
> (Powered by self.)
"God is nothing but a substitution to your own forces,
needed by those who do not believe in their own strengths."

(Yes these are my words and you may quote me on them)

(And of course that doesn't mean it is bad to need such
a substitution. It's just that _I_ neither want not need it.)

	- Raphael
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