make menuconfig.

Silviu Julean juleans at
Tue Apr 23 14:46:58 PDT 2002

> Full stop.

> I certainly do not want the client to download the
> somewhere-around-20-megs-kernelsource-you-have-to-wait-for-60-minutes
> just to run menuconfig. This is not a clean solution.

> OTOH do I see absolutely _no_ problem with running make menuconfig
> even through a 56k modem connection. I'm doing that frequently.
Right. :))

You're right and I was wrong; downloading smth just for ncurses support
is stupid. If it's client-server, the server should do everything. What
you're doing is letting the server run, and let you interact with that
through a simple pipe (ssh, telnet, or whatever you are using.) I guess
it's not that easy to redirect a ncurses app to a pipe ("simulate a
virtual terminal", excuse my total ignorance in the vt area, but I never
*needed* to know anything about how it works;) but you don't have to do
that, the remote shell daemons do that. But if the server DOESN'T have a
daemon for remote access, just as it may not have a FTP daemon (as in my
last stupid post,) what do you do? (This is a QUESTION, I have no answer
for this. There's no other way imho.)

Sorry for my total lack of coherence, I'm soooo tired.

--Silviu Julean
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