make menuconfig.

Silviu Julean juleans at
Mon Apr 22 18:09:53 PDT 2002

> Since nALFS uses curses in the first place, the terminal you are using
> can use curses (of course).  In that case, you should be able 
> to run the
> menuconfig, just have it take over the nALFS screen until it is
> finished.  No?
Maybe, but then how do you specify whether an application is run inside
nALFS or in interactive mode using the whole screen? You can't (many
programs require input even if they don't say "ncurses" on ldd, just
grepping ldd's output would be stupid imho.) An extra parameter in the
synthax is the only way i see to accomplish the breaking-out-of-ncurses.
It could be used in the non-interactive mode too; the build timers could
pause (the total completion time shouldn't include manual configuration)
and the screen buffer (the small stdout window in interactive mode)
could be dumped and then restored so you can completely separate the
nALFS process from the interactive configurator.

>  As for client/server ALA ALFS (in perl?) 
> well, you could
> at least use the simple text based one and pipe the i/o over 
> the control
> connection, no?
Well, *certain* things can be done remotely; if the separation between
client and server would be really part of the synthax (maybe used by
nALFS as well), you could say: "download the kernel sources to the
client, run make menuconfig, upload the .config back" - it could be that
easy. But downloads/uploads don't really have to be handled; somewhere
in the profile you switch to the client mode, wget the kernel sources,
make menuconfig, then upload it back with ftp. Of course, that would
require a FTP daemon on the server, and it would be alot better if nALFS
had no external dependencies like that, but then it'd take much longer
until anybody could see anything like this working.

I don't know anything about the client/server ALFS, all I know is that
is uses the same synthax, therefore i'm sure there are some cli/svr-ALFS
users/developers subscribed to this list. ;)

--Silviu Julean
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