RC5 Team for LFS at http://www.distributed.net

Raphael Schmid Raphael_Schmid at CUBUS.COM
Fri Apr 19 06:38:04 PDT 2002

Hi everyone!

I've discovered there was no LFS team for cracking the RC5 code so long.
Since this is ridiculous, considering the massive CPU power we have around
here, I've set up one. To see it's stats, visit:

You should also be able to make your account there and join in the Team. (If
"Linux From Scratch" doesn't show up right now, bear with it for some hours.
It's just been freshly created). The client itself can be downloaded from
http://www.distributed.net/download/clients.html, but I guess most of you
will want

At the current speed there are only about 200 days to completion left, so
join in masses. 
We still have good chances of finding the right key first!

Keep calculatin'
- Raphael

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