nALFS feature requests...

Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at
Thu Apr 18 17:06:14 PDT 2002

| 	/* Hide/Show stuff in the title/bottom-bar */
| 	#define SHOW_TIMER 		/* 1/0 */
| Yeah, this is fine. I'll add it.
Cool :-)

| 	#define SHOW_NALFS_VERSION	/* 1/0 */
| This is a bit silly. :) I mean, it's not some feature or something like
| that... It's just a "title", a part of the program's name actually.
*shrug* ... I'm just sometimes disturbed by all of these
things in brackets there. Nevermind, then. If it gives me _to_ bad
a feeling I can hack the code.

| 	#define SHOW_PROFILENAME	/* 1/0 */
| This is already possible with PRINT_PROFILE_NAME, but you probably
| already know that. :)
Sure, eeeerm. Heheh.
| 	/* If stuff is to be shown, define where to show it */
| 	#define TIMER_POS		/* "char *bottom/top, int offset" */
| 	#define NALFS_VERSION_POS	/* "char *bottom/top, int offset" */
| 	#define PROFILENAME_POS		/* "char *bottom/top, int offset" */
| This would be nice, yes. I'll just have to see how difficult would it be
| to implement and if it's worth it. Although implementing it would also
| make that part of the code better, since lot of stuff would be
| un-hardcoded and made generic.

|	/* Do or do not expand the 1st treelevel by default */
| 	#define EXPAND_1ST_TREELEVEL	/* 1/0 */
| Generally, when you load several profiles at once, expending them
| immediately would look a bit messy. But sure, adding a macro for this
| won't hurt anybody.
Cool. Well, I really mean the first level only (so you can see all
the packages that will be built immediately. Usually the first thing
you do _is_ to unfold that, imhe).
| Thanks for the suggestions,
Thanks for considering them :-)

	- Raphael
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