cvs commit: ALFS/halfling/src main.c

Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at
Wed Apr 17 15:07:38 PDT 2002

> Of course.  'Thou now this stuff is going into CVS while i'm recoding
> stuff From Scratch(tm), which i've long said id do :D
Well, it's not to be overseen, thinking of all those CVS messages flying
onto the List ;-)

> btw, if your bored, check it out from CVS and run;
Heheh. Honestly, no. I gotta clean my flat, write SMS's to that first
girl ever that seems to show some interest in my person, read the constantly
incoming eMails and ... eerm ... go for a walk. Yep.
> aclocal &&
> automake --add-missing --copy &&
> autoconf
Have put that into I-remember-everything-for-you book.

> And mess around with it :)
Maybe not with your halfling (I might be not the first asking, but why do
you call it 'halfling', and what does it mean?) but with _some_thing. ;)
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