nALFS-1.0.5 released

Raphael Schmid raphael.schmid at
Wed Apr 17 11:44:45 PDT 2002

That's good that you're posting something about nALFS.
Puts me into the comfort of just pressing the reply button.

I've just downloaded nALFS. And since before that, I was
still using the expat-driven one, I had (actually ha_v_e)
to install libxml.


	Yeah ... you know, that gnome-xml thingy.

	Ah, kay, then let me get it from
	... there it is already.
	Hmm. There's libxml and libxml2. Which one to take?
	Neven says 'libxml' on his website,
	so I'll go for libxml-1.???.

	*some minutes pass*

	Kewl. libxml has finished compiling. Let's go
	on with nALFS!

	*some more minutes pass*

	DAMN! It doesn't find xmlversion.h! And the compiler
	takes about -I/usr/local/include/libxml2!

Hint taken, Neven? ;-) Actually, there's another thing about
it: I install *everything* that is not in the LFS book
with --prefix=/opt --sysconfdir=/etc/opt (NO, I do not want
to discuss that, lovely people who might want to flame this
now. Erm. Yeah).

That means also libxml(2) has got that prefix.

Maybe you could take care of that?

	Regards, Raphael
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