nALFS-1.0.4 released

AG agroz at
Sun Apr 14 14:21:37 PDT 2002

Thanks Raphael

Raphael Schmid wrote:
> One advice from me, having built LFS on a 486 laptop, too:
>  - DO crosscompile.

I'm doing some of that on an IBM 486 that has similar components
as the laptop. It's been a while since I got back to it but most
of the binaries ran OK as I remember. At least it's faster somewhat

  Glibc will either take >100hours
>    or fail entirely when compiled on the machine itself

mostly - which was why I shelved the project ... again
but that was in November ;-). There really has to be an easier way
to do this. I've tried a lot of so-called 'linux on a floppy' dists
but they end up taking lots of maintenance time on a 1 gb hd 486/66.
plus a hellish amount of tweaking.

>  - If you want X, use 3.3.6 - 4.x sucks on a 486

Oy, yes. IMHO XFree 4.x sucks on anything less than an
1ghz cpu box, but again that's IMO. then again I need kernel
compatibility with newer boxes and dependencies so I can talk
to the network boxes both here and at the shop properly (ssh
comes to mind) and the dependency tree problems get awful
with debian, which is why I'm looking to switch. Bloat!

>  - Do not use any window manager more bloaten than twm.
>    Blackbox or so will probably be a reasonable choice.

  I'm impressed by Blackbox. Nice and clean and boots
fast on the 233mhz debian box. It's in the list to try.
I think I'll have to compile it tho ;-( like you mentioned
above, more time...

about the time part, anyone know of a good/easy way to back up
an installation over a network into something easily convertible
into an .iso file in win/linux? I need something that works similar to
windows Ghost. A short script would be perfect. Links to
how to do it would be better, even.

> As for the ALFS profiles, I believe someone has posted a
> crosscompile profile some days ago.


  I see no problem with
> using that.
>    Regards, Raphael



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