nALFS-1.0.4 released

AG agroz at
Sun Apr 14 12:19:59 PDT 2002


I'm at home with a vicious case of the flu and loaded with cold meds and
I'm obviously not very rational at the moment. At least I get to spend 
some time wrapped in a blanket in front of the computer ;-) catching up
on email and projects

Basically what I need is some help to build an install script for the 
old Duracom laptop I have. Writing it from scratch would take too much
of my time. I need to build a very minimal installation that can be done
over a network, has pdf graphics display capability, and is more or less
486 optimized (meaning fast loading) with ftp and decent browsing 

   Do you know anyone working on some similiar project that could help
me get a jumpstart on this? The laptop is mostly a technical help field
tool - for example, if I go to a customers house to troubleshoot a 
plugin card, I use it to download newer drivers for the card and 
transfer them over a network or floppy to the customers machine. 
Currently I have Debian on the machine to do this with but I'm 
frustrated by the limitations I encounter there.

I've never built an install script from scratch and I'm a bit 
overwhelmed :-(

Thanks for the rational response, I'll try to stay so *achooooo!*

Neven Has wrote:
> On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 01:35:54PM -0500, AG wrote:
>>since I have you online, Neven, I'd like to ask a question (which is
>>probably a dumb one / answered elsewhere, but here goes)
>>I have a 486 laptop I use for field work (ok, I'm cheap) mostly to
>>store drivers and docs on when I'm troubleshooting a long way from
>>the store.
>>I'd like to build a networked/pdf-html-txt etc reader out of it using
>>LFS - been lazy, haven't gotten to it yet ;-)
>>do you have any suggestions? I like this little laptop because it was
>>a built-for-the-geology- field model and it's extremely rugged even if 
>>it is old (powering it off of makita drill batteries, heheh - lots 
>>cheaper than paying a hundred bucks for the replacements)
>>   Mainly what I need to do is build an install script for network.
>>I primarily do winsucks troubleshooting so fast pdf load is a must
> I have a little problem understanding what exactly do you need? :)
> A profile for some software, I guess? But what's the "install script
> for network"? And "networked/pdf-html-txt reader"?
> Just some pdf-html-txt reader? That "network" confuses me totally. :)
> But in general, if you need some profile, the best you can do is to
> check out the links on my home page (for example), and see if something
> similar to what you need exists.
> Hints at might also be useful,
> if you fail to find the profile you want.
> What we need is a single place where people could send their profiles
> - something similar to the way managing hints works.
> But what you need might not be the profile at all, since I don't
> understand you very well. :)
> Neven

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