nALFS-1.0.4 released

AG agroz at
Sun Apr 14 10:02:49 PDT 2002

*the lurker cometh out*

Absolutely keep posting. I'm not doing any active LFS work at the time
but want to build my own dist in the future (Real Soon Now) - like to
see that you are still active and not just running a list server ;-)


*the lurker returneth to the Bot Cave*

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee wrote:
> Yo,
> On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 06:52:55PM +0200, Neven Has wrote:
> Hrm, i wish you kept posting that.. *fires up moz*
>>BTW, if somebody is annoyed with these announcement, please let me
>>know. I have never even asked what Gerard and others feel about them,
>>so if you mind, speak up. :)
> I can't speak Gerard, but i don't have a problem with it.  Especially
> considering you have been quite vocal with where the syntax is going and
> do plan on being compliant.. so no issue with me, imho.

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