<permissions> and perhaps <owner> ?

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Apr 14 06:03:01 PDT 2002


On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 02:35:35PM +0200, Neven Has wrote:
> o   <owner> (with <base>, <user>, <group> and <name> inside it and
>     recursive option) will be implemented.

I've been using <ownership> which i was hoping to add to the spec.

> Because of many syntax improvements like this, that might be added in
> the future by other people, I've decided to add a macro like
> USE_NALFS_EXTENDED_SYNTAX (or similar) that will make a difference
> between the official ALFS syntax and some handlers that won't be part of
> it. It will NOT be defined by default, so only the ALFS official syntax
> will be allowed from the start.

That's good news to know.

<news name="In other news..">
Oh and this time around, i have no excuses.. now that Gerard has gotten
his spiffy new P4-2.2Ghz machine, he's started bugging me about using
halfling, so i swear, she's going into CVS Real Soon Now(tm), thou it
will be incremental, while i recode a bunch of stuff.. way to many
sloppy code i've used *g*

I was also originally thinking of putting her in $CVSROOT/halfling
instead of $CVSROOT/ALFS, thou once a few ppl found out i was going todo
that they started bashing me on the head wondering what i was smoking :)

So, ya..CVS..RSN..promise.. I swear *sigh* *g*

> Second, I think that recursive option for <permissions> is a good idea?
> It's not some big change and it would be useful to allow it?
> Also, there is an issue about <permissions> and <owner> - having one
> without the other is a bit strange IMHO. I think we should either use
> both (doesn't have to be called "owner"), or none of them?

> I would vote for both myself. In LFS profile chown is used 6 times,
> which is also a good reason to add it (but not the main one).

I second this.

It's always bugged me that this wasn't one of the tags available in the
syntax and i had to resort to <system_command>.  Granted back then with
the "prototype" syntax, I had to work around alot of things.. I seem to
have forgotten about the ownership issues with all the recent syntax
talk, my bad.

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