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Gerardo Pirla gpdiaz at telson.es
Mon Apr 8 02:37:42 PDT 2002

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee wrote:

>[BTW, sorry for the CC'ing everyone.  I just wanted to say this once and
>get it over with ;)]
>Wow.  It's finally here.  You know how long this has been on my TODO
>list?  I am *so* glad it's finally done.  Even though i know, in about a
>week i'm going to recode the hole damn thing in sh anyways ;)
>It works for now at least.  With a little problem that Gerard did some
>perl/regex magic to fix (while i was messing around and just confusing
>him j/k).  We ended up foobaring all the permissions in $CVSROOT in the
>process, but i've reset everything back to normal.
>Anyways.. now all you users may enjoy, nice complete cvs log messages,
>which list everything that's changed.  Yay! rejoince ;)
>Oh, btw.. this is probably going to increase the amount of e-mail's
>these lists gets, but it shouldn't be that much of a big deal =)
>As always, _please_ send me an e-mail if something looks odd, I'll look
>into it and fix it, ASAP.  Thx guys.. w00t!

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