Unwanted Optimizations

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Sat Apr 6 06:46:56 PST 2002

On Fri, Apr 05, 2002 at 04:49:31PM +0200, Christoffer Åberg wrote:
> All things in the second stage depend on the first stage, and all
> things in the third stage on the second and first. Maybe it is taking
> it a bit too far to suggest that pretty much all of chapter 5 should
> be necessary to do before chapter 6, but small stuff like mounting
> /mnt/lfs or at least mounting /proc might be pretty easy to implement.
> Or maybe it IS possible in the current (or at least the currently
> discussed <stage>-included) syntex, but I don't think so. Maybe we
> could add a new element inside <stageinfo> to do this or just allow it
> to contain commands?
> Something like this:
> <stage>
>  <stageinfo>
>    <name>Chapter 6</name>
>    <execute>
>      <!-- mounting proc goes here -->
>    </execute>
>    <su>
>      <!-- su:ing to lfs-user -->
>    </su>
>    <chroot>
>      <!-- chrooting -->
>    </chroot>
>  </stageinfo>
>  <!-- all of chapter 6 -->
> </stage>

For something like this, it might be better to use <stage id="someID">
for example, and in the stages that depend on it:

<stage name="Chapter 6">

Or even better, just use the "name" of the stage for this, without
adding any "id"s.

But I don't think we should worry about this for the moment. This can be
added latter without problems. All this dependency stuff becomes more
complicated the more you think about it :) and it's closely related to
<package> dependencies too, which is better left for the (hopefully not
so far away) future. 


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