new perl alfs

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Tue Apr 2 05:05:21 PST 2002

Normal place

Nothing particularly exciting, XInclude works and some new optins for 

The one major difference is the removal of support for the old syntax 
style, the old processing has been removed and as a stopgap profiles 
will not be processed unless the <alfs> version begins with a '2', 
though we really need to work out some consistent versioning :)

I have no idea how many people still use the old syntax, but it was 
becoming a pain, and will be more so if we implement <stage> or any of 
the alternatives that have been discussed. There is an XSLT stylesheet 
on the web site to convert from old to new style, i haven't had a 
chance to sort out if it is possible to keep entities through the 
transformation, i suggest in the meantime keep your old profiles as 
they are, and use the stylesheet to produce an intermediate until this 
is fixed, if possible.

Any problems let me know, i've done some testing of the conversion, but 
the old style syntax had some, um, freedom of expression which made it 
a bit fiddly.

No i dont plan on adding XSLT support to perl alfs any time soon :)

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