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Lee Saferite dsaferite at internet.lu
Mon Apr 1 14:02:30 PST 2002

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002 23:37:28 +0200
Neven Has <haski at sezampro.yu> wrote:


> Hm, this is messy. There are too many <stage>s everywhere and soooo
> many nesting levels. I find it very hard to read. And I wrote it
> myself. ;)
> I have added <stage>s wherever <*build> elements used to be. Also,
> "stageInfo" and "packageInfo" are used. I haven't modified other
> elements.

I agree, to a degree, about it being messy.  I would suggest on fix. I'm
not compleatly happy with the idea, but if you find the way it is now
messy, this should make it a 'little' nicer.

<stage name="Prebuild - unpacking & configureing package">

If you didn't need to set and of the special <stageinfo> elements, then
you could leave <stageinfo> out.  I know it uses an attribute, but I
find this nicer than <*build>, and more flexible.


> Anyway, after writing this, I'm not sure about <stage> any more. :/
> It's hard to see what the stage really is - you have to find a
> stageInfo, then search for name and finally read it. Simple elements
> that describe themselves (<build>, <chroot> and others) make a profile
> much easier for reading.

well, the problem, IMHO, with the <*build> elements is that you are
constrained in how you build a profile.  Is locks you into using
<prebuild> <build> <postbuild>, and it doesn't allow the flexability of
nesting the containers.  Without the nesting, you have the <setenv> and
<su> problems.  you end up with around 6 or so major container elements
instead of <package> and <stage>.  while looking at <stage>, maybe it is
a bit different in the fact that you specify a <name> element inside an
<*info> element, but with <*build> you are just making the 'name' locked
into the DTD.  Dunno. Guess I like the <stage> idea too much. I'll shut
up now.


P.S. I can't spell worth crap, and I haven't gotten around to setting my
system to check for me. Sorry. =)
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