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Lee Saferite dsaferite at
Mon Apr 1 13:48:15 PST 2002

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002 23:26:08 +0300
"Silviu Julean" <juleans at> wrote:

> So why not add something like <packager="checkinstall"> in
> <postbuild>? This could automatically create the required files and
> directories. In addition, nALFS could configure all installed packages
> as RPM's, not only TGZ's; and(l)users would use nALFS only when
> compiling their software, and then use their packaging software. It
> would also obsolete the need for make uninstall.

I'm confused as to what you would like?  You want to specify that the
ALFS parser should package up the compiled program? or what?  I'm not
being mena, just confused.

Me personally, I use a program called graft to manage my software.  I
compile it all with a prefix of
/usr/local/.software/i686/<packagename>-<packageversion> and use graft
to attach all the needed files onto the /usr/local dir.  When I compile
my software, if I want a backup, I just tar/bzip the package dir under
/usr/local/.software.  I don't see how a <packager> element would help
me with that a lot.  I would be better off with using <execute>.
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