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Fri Sep 21 10:07:51 PDT 2001

On 2001.09.21 05:46 Jason Gurtz wrote:
> > Here's a first attempt for the original syntax. I used the 
> > perl system and
> > existing profiles as a guide, and a bit of common sense where 
> > necessary. I
> > expect there will be a few ideas about which elements are 
> > allowed where
> > etc. so lets hear 'em !
> 	Wow, this is sweet!

Glad you like it :)

> > May be a good idea to put
> > 
> > <?xml version="1.0"?>
> > 
> > right at the top of your profile too.
> 	I've put up the dtd in my dir @ and also copied Neven's
> (I got the spelling right! ;) LFS-3.0rc2 profile in there with
> modifications to use the dtd.  Check out:
>  I've
> renamed the dtd to alfs-dtd-1.0.xml since it is an xml doc.  One quick
> note on the XML Declaration.  The document @
> section 2.8 clarified that there
> also needs to be an encoding defined for it to be a valid in addition to
> being well formed.  So, I've put in:
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
> 	At the top.  Anyway, the profiles shall now render nicely in an
> xml compilent browser, further illustrating the advantages of the
> version 2 syntax.  This should be M$ IE 5.0+ and Mozilla(?)  Maybe Opera
> 5.0 too?  Can some people check and report on results and post their
> findings here?  Anyways, the dtd is up in cvs @
> .xml

Good stuff, encodings always confuses me.

> 	So how do we put this to use?  I'd move to making an updated
> ALFS-0.7.5 release with profiles and the " patch in there.  Whether
> this is a cvs only release, or tarball is up for discussion.  I think a
> tarball whould be nice.  Perhaps it's dir structure can be:
> ALFS-0.7.5	+ - ALFS --------- Handlers
> 		|
> 		+ - dtd
> 		|
> 		+ - profiles - + - base
>                            |
>                            + - blfs
>                            |
>                            + - ...
> How do people feel about that?
> 	So, anyways, the roryo profiles I must go through.  I have a
> nice email attachment with many individual profiles that I must put into
> cvs.  I notice some of these in the email overlap with the "all-in-one"
> style profiles from his web page.  Chris, I shall be making it so all
> the nice blfs profile work you've done is in nice
> "individual-package-style" in cvs and also to go in ALFS-0.7.5.tar.bz2
> if everyone likes?
> Cheers and happily awaiting "alfs-dtd-2.0.xml"
> ~Jason

Sounds reasonable, it's a good idea to keep what we have up to date
until the new syntax is brought up to grade. Speaking of which....

I've had a go at a DTD for the new style, but it is only rough, since the
whole idea is still at an early stage. I also had to make a few unilateral
decisions, so this really needs some discussion. Most of the tags from
v1.0 are still there in some form or another, I presume this was the
general plan even though the outline had far fewer.

Most of the attributes are gone, with the notable exception of link type,
which makes more sense to me since it only has 2 states. Opinions ?

Other parent tags do have some text content, ie not in subtags. For
example <textdump> has <dest> for the destination file but contains
text to be dumped directly. Personally I would like to see another 
child tag in this situation eg. <text>, but didn't wan't to do more drastic
additions without discussing it. I'm sure there was something else I
was going to say but I've forgotten, it'll come back to me. Oh yes I
remember, it's recommended that for valid xml you predefine &
etc. so I've added this.

Comments ?

Also I've attached a patch to v1.0, I missed the dir attrib from chroot.


PS Has cvs got anonymous access, and what should I use for cvsroot,
can never get the blasted thing to work.
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