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Mon Sep 17 11:19:05 PDT 2001

I would recommend the site http://www.linuxnewbie.org. It has great
bulletin boards covering just about every topic, and NHFs (newbieized help
files) which explain things in plain english. I've learned (and am still
learning) a lot from that site.


On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Jason Gurtz wrote:

> >  ( i'm a boat designer not a programmer) iI found Linux coz
> > it's stable
> > all I want is my boat design  application not to fall over coz the
> > platform does
> 	OK, I feel sorry for you now as a Linux newbie (and I'm likeing
> sailing).  I'm remembering a few years ago, when I was...well, not quite
> this clueless (but almost :) ).
> 	Anyway, you'll need to enter those commands at a command prompt.
> That's kinda like DOS if you remember that.  If your Linux automaticly
> starts KDE or Gnome or some other Graphical windowing environment then
> you can look for somthing called xterm or Eterm or aterm and that will
> be a prompt window.  Might be easier to get the full experience by
> pressing the <ctrl> + <alt> + <F1> to get a full screen terminal prompt.
> then you can type your commands.
> 	An easier way of untaring and ungzipping is:
> tar -zxvf
> 	If you are familiar w/ zip files a zip does two things: one, it
> compresses each file in the archive and two, it puts a those into one
> file.  In Unix/Linux, tar combines alot of files into one file, and gzip
> or bzip2 compresses it.  It is more efficient that way.  I'm not sure
> how familiar w/ dos you are but you'll need to be able to view and
> navigate around directories.  try typing `ls -af` at the prompt to view.
> type `cd dirName` to decend into that dir, `cd ..` to go up a level.
> you can do a search on google for "dos to unix howto" or simular.
> 	Further questions of this nature should go to a more basic/beginners
> Mailing list/Newsgroup.
> Cheers,
> ~Jason
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