Alfs cvs/website status update

Jason Gurtz jason at
Sat Sep 15 23:23:54 PDT 2001

OK, just to keep everyone updated.
	I've gotton most of the cvs changes done; still have to DL and
put up the latest roryo profiles.  Old Perl ALFS also in there.  Has any
one tried the patch posted by Neven on 9-10-2001 about that "
issue?  I just noticed that in my mailbox and I'll get that in a patches
sub dir in cvs soon.  If anyone else has patches BTW for the Old Perl
ALFS feel free to post to this list.
	The website is hot on my list after the rest of cvs is updated.
There'll be a nice mention of nALFS and a link to the current nALFS
homepage as well as major updates to the timeline whitepaper.  I think
the general info needs quite a bit of updating also.  Also, links to the
ALFS cvs will be added  Any other burning desires for change?  Am I
missing anything?  Any other suggestions for additions?



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