Who is working on profiles and many other questions

Chris Lynn roryo at roryo.dynup.net
Thu Sep 13 22:34:08 PDT 2001

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 05:49:13PM +0200, Nicolas Nieswandt wrote:
> First of all, thanks Gerard for all work on the book.
> Thanks for all who helped him.
> Thanks Neven for the nice nALFS.
> My LFS-rc2 is working. Trarrra. Very nice.
> I'm now working for 2 weeks on further profiles.
> I found some from roryo (thanks).

Cool, your most welcome ;-)
> Is the already someone who controls the making of profiles?
> roryo was working on gnome profiles is anybody on kde ?
> What about the Syntax Hint, at what state is it ?
> Should/Could we share our profiles in the ML ?

sure, why not - it would be better is we could get a cvs
respository tho, something thats always available...

> What I have done so far :
> console stuff :
> - zlib
> - cvs --with-zlib
> - openssl
> - openssh
> - wget --with-openssl
> - gpm
> - ncurses --with-gpm
> X stuff :
> - freetype2
> - mesa
> - doctools
> - X11
> - glib
> - mc --with-gpm
> - vim --with-x
> Has anybody a LFS-optimized host.def ?

Yes, mca and I have hacked one up, there is 1 outstanding issue
with it, about the xkbdevel drivers, now i have never used/needed
these drivers, so i just hack the xc/progams/Makefile to rm the 
install of the xkbdevel stuff and works great.  I'll attach it :)

Just a few quick pointers about it - it totally redefines all the
arch specific compile time attributes, so read it carefully 1st and
change what needs to be changed for your curcumstances. You dont
need to follow the X11 hint, this host def gives you a fully threaded
i*86 optimised X server, along with X's inbuilt freetype-lib, you just
need to add your own ttf fonts, and your ready to go.  This has been
written/tested on X410 - if you want to use X403, then i would stongly
suggest using the X11 hint, it is a very good, in depth hint.

> Enough questions for today.
> If anybody wants to look at my profiles (for use or compare).
> I put it on my page at www.qsl.net/dj9na/linux/lfs/
> cheers,
> Nico
> --
> Nicolas Nieswandt / Nicolas.N at gmx.de
> DJ9NA  /  JO31LI  / dj9na at qsl.net
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#define XFree86Devel	YES
#define DefaultGcc2i386Opt \
	-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -fno-strict-aliasing -mcpu=i686 \
	-march=i686 -fno-common 
#define GccWarningOptions -pipe
#define TermcapLibrary		-lncurses
#define XprtServer 			NO
#define XnestServer		YES
#define XAppLoadDir           EtcX11Directory/app-defaults
#define VarLibDir			/var/state
#define XF86CardDrivers \
				mga \
				fbdev \
				AgpGartDrivers DevelDrivers \
				vesa vga XF86OSCardDrivers

#define UseMatroxHal		YES /* Matrox G400+ needs*/
#define BuildFontServer		YES /* Need for GhostScript Print Server */
#define BuildCyrillicFonts	NO /* NLS stuff */
#define XInputDrivers 		mouse void
#define BuildLinuxDocHtml	NO /* X Docs in Html format */
#define BuildLinuxDocPS		NO /* X Docs in PostScript format */
#define BuildAllSpecsDocs	NO /* Varios docs */
#define BuildFreetype2Library	YES /* FreeType Libs for using TrueType Fonts */
#define SharedLibFont		YES /* Needed for Truetype */
#define BuildCyrillicFonts    NO
#define BuildArabicFonts		NO
#define BuildISO8859_6Fonts   NO
#define BuildGreekFonts       NO
#define BuildISO8859_7Fonts   NO
#define BuildHebrewFonts		NO
#define BuildISO8859_8Fonts   NO
#define BuildKOI8_RFonts		NO
#define BuildJapaneseFonts    NO
#define BuildJISX0201Fonts    NO
#define BuildKoreanFonts		NO
#define BuildChineseFonts     NO
#define LinkGLToUsrInclude    NO
#define LinkGLToUsrLib        NO
#define CompressAllFonts		YES
#define GzipFontCompression	YES
#define ThreadedX			YES
#define DefaultFontPath		$(FONTDIR)/misc/,$(FONTDIR)/75dpi/,$(FONTDIR)/100dpi/,$(FONTDIR)/Type1,$(FONTDIR)/local,$(FONTDIR)/TrueType,$(FONTDIR)/CID,$(FONTDIR)/Speedo

#define LinuxMachineDefines   -D__i686 -D__i686__ -D__pentiumpro -D__pentiumpro__
#define LinuxDistribution 	LFS /*  ;) What else */
#define LinuxCLimbMajorVersion	3
#define LinuxCLimbMinorVersion	0
#define LinuxCLimbTeenyVersion	pre2
#define SystemManDirectory	/usr/share/man
#define HasPam               	NO
#define HasLibCrypt		YES
#define InstallXinitConfig   	YES
#define InstallXdmConfig     	YES
#define InstallFSConfig 	YES
#define DebuggableLibraries  	NO
#define ForceNormalLib       	YES
#define BuildSpecsDocs       	NO
#define XAppLoadDir          	EtcX11Directory/app-defaults
#define LinkGLToUsrInclude   	NO
#define LinkGLToUsrLib       	NO
#define SharedLibFont        	YES
#define HasZlib         	YES
#define SharedLibGlu         	YES
#define NormalLibGlu         	YES
#define BuildRman       	NO
#define BuildHtmlManPages    	NO
#define FSUseSyslog          	YES
#define BuildXF86DRI		YES /* DRI of course.  ;)  */
#if BuildXF86DRI
# define BuildLibGlxWithoutPIC	YES /* Builds faster libs */
#define HasMTRRSupport		YES /* Enabled in kernel see kernel docs */
#define HasMMXSupport 		YES /* Any i586 or above */
#define HasKatmaiSupport	YES /* PIII SSE instuctions */
#define Has3DNowSupport    	NO  /* AMD instructions */

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