Who is working on profiles and many other questions

Nicolas Nieswandt Nicolas.N at gmx.de
Thu Sep 13 08:49:13 PDT 2001

First of all, thanks Gerard for all work on the book.
Thanks for all who helped him.
Thanks Neven for the nice nALFS.

My LFS-rc2 is working. Trarrra. Very nice.

I'm now working for 2 weeks on further profiles.
I found some from roryo (thanks).

Is the already someone who controls the making of profiles?
roryo was working on gnome profiles is anybody on kde ?

What about the Syntax Hint, at what state is it ?

Should/Could we share our profiles in the ML ?

What I have done so far :

console stuff :
- zlib
- cvs --with-zlib
- openssl
- openssh
- wget --with-openssl
- gpm
- ncurses --with-gpm

X stuff :
- freetype2
- mesa
- doctools
- X11
- glib
- mc --with-gpm
- vim --with-x

Has anybody a LFS-optimized host.def ?

Enough questions for today.

If anybody wants to look at my profiles (for use or compare).
I put it on my page at www.qsl.net/dj9na/linux/lfs/


Nicolas Nieswandt / Nicolas.N at gmx.de
DJ9NA  /  JO31LI  / dj9na at qsl.net
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