[OT] Quick update on HIghoS :)

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Mon Sep 10 22:33:19 PDT 2001

> At the end of the month, the lease for the apartment i was in was at a
> end, so i've now moved to Calgary

Damn, still on the other side of the contenent  ~5000+ K away

> slowly trying to
> sort out my life again (note: I'm still off-line as i haven't 
> gotten my
> own apartment sorted out yet, blahblablah..etc)

Ahh, that stuff sux, but it will be through faster than you think  :)

> So.. anyways, my live is up side down, i'm not sure when i'll be back
> online next and so forth, so this is just a heads up, hopefully i can
> sort everything out in the next two weeks or so and everything can go
> back to normal.. later and thx =)

I dunno how big tux's db is but perhaps if not too, you could somehow
get it on shadowfax and we could get Tux running again.  He is the
second-most missed penguin around these parts  ;)

Cheers and good luck in getting a good setup,



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