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Nicolas Nieswandt lfs at electro-nic.de
Wed Oct 31 15:36:11 PST 2001

Hello there,

> I'm trying to use the new profiles by Nicolas Nieswandt to set up my new
> system. I'm stuck on the X11 profile. According to what I read in the
> readme, I need to configure 2 files, host.def and site.def. The lfs-duron
> that the author gives has the host.def file. I dont exactly understand
what the
> site.def file is, and how would it be possible to get a site.def file that
could be
> used with any display card (i'm not sure if it is display card specific at

First of all, I'm glad to hear that someone more is using my stuff ;)

If you only setup one computer, you don't need a site.def file. These 2
are used to split the configuration of X. If you are going to install X on
different hosts you may put things which belong to all hosts in the site.def
file and things which are only valid for one host in the host.def file.
For example the specific graphic card or video4linux module and so on.

Please see my host.def only as an advice and/or a help to configure your
You may search the ML for "host.def" and get some other host.def to
what you may need for your machine. You might also tell me your more about
your host and I will try to help you to get X running.

> Also, if i have the config file for the kernel, instead of going through
> menuconfig i can simply copy the config file to .config in the kernel
source tree
> and continue as normal, right?

Jason said it already, yes, you can.

> These are probably old questions, but I couldnt find anything in the
> that would solve my problem. :(


Please excuse my horrible english.
I would appreciate any correction.
Nicolas Nieswandt / Nicolas.N at gmx.de
DJ9NA  /  JO31LI  / dj9na at qsl.net

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