sébastien asm8 at
Sat Oct 27 16:06:06 PDT 2001

Hello !

I am writing also a set of gnome profiles, but it's not yet finished. I am folowing
the 'Gnome Installation Guide' :
But i'm not sure to finish it very fast, because i'm lacking some time :-(
I will post them as soon as completed; it's quite small and i have no place to
make them accessible for everyone.
You can use them as you want, modify them or anything else. In fact, it's not a
big work, because a lot of packages are hapy with a simple
'./configure --prefix=xxx && make && make install'
At the moment, you have to take a look at the 'Gnome Installation Guide' to
know in which order they should be installed, and where to download packages

That's all :-)


[I am sory for my poor english, i lack some practice :-)]
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