LFS profile using the new syntax

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Thu Oct 25 08:18:05 PDT 2001

> > >	Geez, so much to say now, and little time to write.  :(  I do
> > > think it may be a good idea to add versioning to the
> > > <package> tag.  Maybe serial# style like with DNS masters
> > > and slaves?  Best maybe in numrical date/time
> > > format:  YYYYMMDDhhmm?
> If you could explain a bit what you mean, you lost me here. :)
> I don't suppose you mean <version> from <package> (being just a simple
> program's version).

This would be a profile "version" so to speak.  This would be important
at some time a dependency tracking system is added.  'Cause just some
installation details could change and the actual program version could
be the same.  YearMonthDayHourMinute is just an arbitrary way I thought
of. At worst it would guarantee no versions would conflict for the next
7998 years or so  ;)

> > > separate profile for each package and then a "master"
> > > profile to tye
> > > them all together if people still think this is a good idea...
> >
> > I hope, this is the next item on the todo-list.
> I would like that we try with <include> element, which could
> give us a lot
> of interesting new features (I posted an example on this list).
> It's very easy for implementing, if I get a green light for it? :)

Yea, that sounds good.



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