LFS profile using the new syntax

Nicolas Nieswandt lfs at electro-nic.de
Wed Oct 24 15:12:30 PDT 2001

Am Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2001 06:15 schrieben Sie:
> > Phew... finally. Converting the LFS profile took a few days,
> > and it's not a very fun thing to do. ;) It's well worth it
> > though, it looks much nicer and more readable than the old one.
> 	Wow, you went and did it; great job!  Now, I'll have to start
> updateing the ADG.
> 	Geez, so much to say now, and little time to write.  :(  I do
> think it may be a good idea to add versioning to the <package> tag.
> Maybe serial# style like with DNS masters and slaves?  Best maybe in
> numrical date/time format:  YYYYMMDDhhmm?  I also like the <execute>
> tag, nice and intuative.  This would go along with trying to make a
> separate profile for each package and then a "master" profile to tye
> them all together if people still think this is a good idea...

Absolutly, yes. I used a short script to run a "master" profile with nALFS.
The advantage for me is, I have a master profile for installing new kernel.
When a new kernel comes out, you have to recompile alsa, bttv and some
other kernel dependend packages.

And think of the different installation posibillities, LFS with Lilo/Grub, 
LFS with devfs/MAKEDEV, LFS with gawk/mawk.
It's faster to change the links than to search the entries and modify them.

I hope, this is the next item on the todo-list.


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