LFS profile using the new syntax

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at virgin.net
Tue Oct 23 15:22:30 PDT 2001

Hi Neven, looks nice, hope we get a bit of discussion going on this, so far
it's been difficult to get anyone to bite :) A few comments on the syntax.

1) I like <execute> instead of system_command, more self explanatory.

2) With links, type still seems more natural as an attribute rather than an
element, since it has only specific values, what do you think ? I suppose
it really doesn't matter all that much either way. Also, passing -f in a
param doesn't seem right, maybe we should have another attribute or element
for force. I dont think we want arbitrary command parameters except where
strictly necessary. Then again i suppose there is the nightmare of patch if
we go down that path.

3) Stick with search_replace, its what it does.

4) <base> is fuzzy, how about <dir>, and use <target> as the directory to
be created in <mkdir> ?

5) make install becoming make with parameter, brilliant, so simple, why
didn't i think of that :)

Haven't had an exhaustive look yet, so so busy, but very cool.


On 2001.10.23 12:18 Neven Has wrote:
> Phew... finally. Converting the LFS profile took a few days, and it's not
> a very fun thing to do. ;) It's well worth it though, it looks much nicer
> and
> more readable than the old one.
> I used the syntax posted here a few times, but with some changes. There
> were
> some elements missing and I also renamed a few.
> New nALFS version is also released and it now supports this syntax. If
> you
> want to use it, just put "2.<whatever>" in version attribute of <alfs>
> element.
> Anything else will be parsed as an old syntax profile.
> All this, doesn't mean that this syntax is complete and set in stone -
> you can
> take it as a "release candidate", bunch of suggestions or whatever.
> We should now all agree about it and make it complete - renaming some
> elements
> like <search_replace> or some of those "parameter elements" (like <base>)
> can
> be done for example.
> Any comments, no matter how small they were, are welcome. It would be
> nice to
> make this syntax good, so we don't have to do a lot of changes in the
> future.
> Neven
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