More Profiles (Tidier)

Paul Campbell paul at
Mon Oct 15 02:06:49 PDT 2001


I was finding it difficult to try and maintain, my 
ever growing batch of profiles, keeping them in seperate 
directories etc. 

I have placed them all in one single file called mother.xml 

These profile/s are for seasoned ALFSers only, as you 
probably won't be able to use them out of the box.

The DRI builds and things require configuration files 
to be loaded in (from the pacakges directory).  
I found this the easiest way to do this.  You will
doubtlessly have to hack them up to get your 
preferences out of them.

Most of you can simply hack the sections you need out, 
just remember to meet the dependancies, or remove the 
configure options if you don't want to meet those deps, 
for the features I have choosen.

If you dont want to go hoaking through your source for 
the host.def etc. There are some on my home server.  -- downloads ALFS stuff -- 

I'm not sure how to attach something with Tin, so if nothing
arrive with this, download the profile from.

I will also try and  put a copy on my "real" site at

Incase I'm off line.

I have not recieved any comments about these, and I 
know they are a bit specific to my setup, but this 
earily days, and I would love some help in opening 
them up a good deal.

Please let me know what you think.

alfs at cmm dot uklinux dot net
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