KDE profiles finished

Nicolas Nieswandt Nicolas.N at gmx.de
Tue Oct 9 16:07:46 PDT 2001

>Here's a profile for libtiff!
>Note: The profile supports defining CFLAGS as a parameter. It currently is
>hard coded for installing with a prefix of '/usr', but this could be
>parameterized. The code for this is from Richard Lightman's ralfs script.

Hey, cool! My template :)

This will go straight into my repository.

The next few days I will use for tuning some files up and compare them
with Richard's/LFS-hints.

Then the next topics on my todo list are things like alsa, Gimp, sane,
bttv, ieee1394. Has somebody experiance in this, already ?

Oh, s**t. I have just found some scripts from RoryO
did some work twice :,
So first, I will compare our scripts.
And maybe test his gnome profiles.

see you soon,

Please excuse my horrible english.
I would appreciate any correction.
Nicolas Nieswandt / Nicolas.N at gmx.de
DJ9NA  /  JO31LI  / dj9na at qsl.net

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