What is alfs?

Jason Gurtz jason at tommyk.com
Fri Oct 5 14:37:48 PDT 2001

> How do we install alfs?

The included INSTALL file has instructions on how to do it

> I have downloaded the lsf
> book. Do we just folow the procedure,

The book is designed to just simply type the commands in.  Or you can
try your luck copy/pasting.  ALFS is designed to automate this typing,
but is to be considered alpha software at this point.  I would recomend
doing LFS the manual typing way for the first time and then explore ALFS
after that is done.

> isn't there a CD
> version or may be an image somewhere.

There have been a few attempts so far at an "ALFS ISO" but have been
lacking in one way or another.  Still, they may be usable, but you'll
have to search on google to find them.  In particular the boot CD from
Linuxcare may be helpfull.  You can use it to install a very minimum
debian distribution, and then just apt-get devel tools that you need for
building the system.  The Project whould be very greatfull for an good
bootable ISO image used just for installing LFS.

> I liked the
> concept building Linux from scratch so that you have
> what is required.

A lot of people feel the same way as you  :)


/me still needing to update timeline!

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