Minimal Gnome System

Naitik Shah naitik_83 at
Fri Nov 30 13:30:25 PST 2001

I've been trying to build a decent gnome system for quite a while, and after 
all combinations, I've decided that WindowMaker and minimal gnome, or 
blackbox and gnome would be the best combination. I like blackbox cause it 
uses almost no graphics anywhere. I was wondering if anyone's managed to get 
such a system running. All I need is abiword, gnumeric, dia, galeon, 
evolution, nautilaus. The rest of the stuff i need doesnt need gnome. I'm 
hoping someone's make a system with this stuff, if you could tell me what 
each of these need's, like the bare miniminum for all of these to run. I 
stress 'bare minimum' cause I dont wanna get useless stuff on.

(This is the 6th LFS system I'm building in the last 2 months and I'm still 
learning!!... LFS rules)


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