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Naitik Shah naitik at
Wed Nov 28 14:11:40 PST 2001

A few questions: I compiled my LFS 3, system, with reiserfs, kernel 2.4.13, 
kde2.2.2 and other basic stuff....

1. How do i get kde to recognize my windows key? I want to be able to use the 
meta key to show the menu, and Meta + R, for run and so on.

2. Do i need to have the multemedia package to be able to play music, or is 
the multimedia package just tools to play music etc. I can get another mixer, 
and still be able to use the arts sound system, right? I dont like the kde 
multimedia applications, i use xmms, so i dont need that package, right?

3. How do i assign shortcuts to applications?, I want to be able to start 
konqueror using a keyboard shortcut for example.

4. Do i need the kdesdk package to compile kde applications?, or is it for 
developers only? I dont code for kde, but i compile kde applications, so do i 
need kdesdk?

5. I have a Dell Inspiron 4k, it has a Maestro3 sound card. I know i compiled 
the experimental maestro3 driver with the kernel. It can only be compiled as 
a module. But i added a line to my /etc/modules.conf

alias sound-slot-0 maestro3

But i still cant play any music. How do i get sound to work?

LFS Rocks!... It's so bloody fast, especially the clean boots. I also like 
the fact that now i know what exactly's is on my harddisk, and where. It fast 
and clean. And now I can build the whole system, including kde, in a few 
hours. It's sweet. Now to make gnome ;)

naitik at

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