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Hi all,

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>On Sat, Nov 24, 2001 at 08:28:55AM -0000, cpb at wrote:
>> Hi Neven,
>> Part Two: Possibly reinventing the wheel with <include>.
>I'm definitely going to start digging into this more.

That's worth a try! To get a closer touch to xml and to finaly get
a "wounderful" homepage I read some books and online resources about
XML. Now, I would like to share some thought's about using more XML.

So, XML is definately what we need and it would be wise to use some
of those definitions around XML.

But that's a lot of work!          Let's go for it.

It's nearly impossible to do it from scratch without some experience.
So nALFS is the best to learn. We are getting closer to what we need.

The right way would defenately be to write a XSchema, because the
advantage to a DTD is, that you could define data type and range.
Please look at some tutorials for more details.
DTD's are mainly for Documents and XSchemas for Applications.

To use XPath, XInclude, XPointer, XLink in XML will give us
the benefit to use existing editors.

We could use XSL/XSLT to
 * translate the profiles from one syntax to another
 * get HTML profile descriptions to view with any browser (for users)
 * get HTML profile details viewed ( colorized, ... )  ( for developers)
 * get wget download-files or similar (if it's not implemented in ALFS)
 * get other things I don't know yet

Finally, it's possible, but it's a bit more work. On the other hand we
would get much more. Is that what we want?
nALFS will to the job to compile LFS and even more, but ALFS could also be
a userfriendly new type of distribution. Not only for admins.

I made it short, because writing in english takes me so much time ;)
( and it's even not that good, isn't it? )
I like to contribute all I know, if there are any questions about XML.

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>> Part Five: A SECOND GIANT THANK YOU for writing nALFS, a wonderful
>> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Chris Bopp, cpb at

Thank's from me, too! It haven't been said enough!


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