LFS Write up -- Part 2 -- RFC

Doumbeck1 at aol.com Doumbeck1 at aol.com
Thu Nov 22 06:25:22 PST 2001

    I appreciate your very intelligent input and it is recognized as such. 
The target audience is those who would have already had enough exprience to 
become frustrated with their and other distributions. Hence the little story 
in the beginning of the article. This article is being submitted to 
linuxjournal and OSDN at thier request. I suppose I should clarify that smart 
partitioning means partitioning for your requirements and that the scheme 
that I have below is only an example of my basic "Style" of partitioning. 
That if one feels more comfortable using a single partition, that they should.

Again thank you much for the input.

Scot Mc Pherson
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