LFS Write up -- Part 2 -- RFC

Richard Gollub rgollub at uninet.com.br
Thu Nov 22 03:05:12 PST 2001

	[First: just minor typos I stumbled upon, but there might be others I
didn't notice...]

Doumbeck1 at aol.com wrote:
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> because some other package doesn't seem to find it on its own. Don't loose

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> people we (and some we don't), and then at the bottom of the list is me.
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	Ok, Richard, we certainly do have a very similar experience and
motivation. I find your general description and arguments to "sell" the
LFS approach to Linux a fair and well balanced account, accompanied by
good examples to support your suggestions/comments.

	Remember, however, that you currently writing with hindsight of one
year dedicated to learning, installing and experimenting, and thus
perfecting your masterpiece. Therefore, owing to such vast experience,
sometimes we (experienced ones) end up making suggestions that to a
newcomer may demand a steeper learning curve than I think would be
advisable. The case in hand, getting straight to the point, deals with
the creation and allocation of dedicated partitions to the key

	I am not aware of the profile of your audience, whether your target
public can manage to "manage" such a plethora of partitions for a first
attempt at LFS. This presupposes already a lot of knowledge, or in its
absence, will just force people to deal with a lot of information that
they cannot grasp fully the implications.

	I would stick to the simple approach of having just a 2 GB partition,
capable of creating a first LFS with a lot of margin for error. Once the
person has done at least one full LFS build, then I think there is space
for other enhancements partition-wise. In short: first LFS build is to
recognise the terrain; the second and subsequent are to settle and

	Always just IMHO, including the two pence.

	Cheers, Richard
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