<textdump mode="append">

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at virgin.net
Wed Nov 21 10:37:00 PST 2001

On 2001.11.20 12:42 Neven Has wrote:
> I have implemented <textdump mode="append">, but for now only that
> after-LFS
> example use it (see other mail). Overwriting file is default.
> Should we make it part of the syntax or should I remove it?
> I think it's useful.

Very useful, keep it.

> If we add it, should overwriting stay as default (when no mode is given)?
> Both FE_BE and nALFS (from this version) overwrite an existing file and
> I think we should stick with that. It seems more natural, and it's also
> more used.
> There might be a "append is less dangerous" reasoning against
> overwriting,
> but I'm not sure how strong that argument is. If one needs to append
> something to a file, he will be well aware that he wants to do that. ;)
> Neven

Definitely overwrite as default.

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