<textdump mode="append">

Nicolas Nieswandt lfs at electro-nic.de
Wed Nov 21 04:12:48 PST 2001

Sent: Wednesday, November 21, 2001 3:25 AM
>On Tue, Nov 20, 2001 at 09:01:14PM +0100, Nicolas Nieswandt wrote:
>> But if you have a files that look like the following example,
>> you get an ugly result. Do you have an idea to solve this ?
>> # Begin /etc/profile
>> export CFLAGS="-march=i386"
>> # End /etc/profile
>> export PATH=/something:/somethingelse
>> export OTHERVARIABLE=""
>Without implementing any AI ;), "sed" inside <execute> is probably
>the best we can do for now. That's a good reason to start improving
><search_replace>, which currently can't deal with multiple lines.
>Or, we could add something like <textdump offset="<line_number>"> and then
>insert <content> there, but that would be waaaay too dependent of the file,
>and therefore not very nice solution.
>Instead of line number, we could also use a part of file's content,
>but that would be almost the same as using <search_replace>.

I vote for improving <search_replace> ( If you got time to )


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