Profile splitting time!

Neven Has haski at sezampro.yu
Tue Nov 20 04:38:30 PST 2001

Two ways for splitting your profiles:

o   External entity support is added. That means you can create your
    profiles the same way LFS book is organized. Check out:


    for the example of this.

    You can also have separate files for entities now. Read - support for
    parameter entities is added (actually just enabled) as well.

o   The advantage of <include> element (maybe not so obvious) is that you
    can include _self_contained_ profiles. For example, using external
    entities, you couldn't have entity declarations in the files included,
    since they would appear somewhere in the file, which is not allowed in
    XML of course.

    But with <include>, you can have tons of profiles for various programs
    which you can use separately, but which you can also "connect" in some
    order, using a "master" profile.
    Get http://www.beotel.yu/~has/projects/alfs/profiles/after-LFS.tar.bz2
    to see how it can be done.

    This element is going to be improved a lot in the future. URLs for
    fetching profiles from the Net will be allowed for example, multiple
    locations if the first is not available etc. etc.

    Right now however, you can safely use only:


    Unless somebody gives us a reason for renaming these two elements,
    future additions won't affect your profiles with the above.


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