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Sun Nov 18 13:52:36 PST 2001

Already on the drawing board..:)

One of the objectives that i will be laying out, is that any machine can cross compile for any other. Initially the prototypes will be written on x86 but as this implementation will be in java/ C++ Ansii I see no reason that building from windows will be an obstacle, you may even find it will work on OsX. 

(C++ would require to be built for each target, but may prove to provide the stability that java can't- however java improves daily and one day I may just trust it to work).

But as mark has pointed out, the XML requires to be fixed, or at least the basics firmly laid out before we venture into the exploratory. 

PS helping out. my advice is to go get the stuff that already exists in cvs and start to dig around, I hope to get some time over the next few weeks to create some overview documentation explaining what Neven and Mark have done - I think Mark suggested that he was going to put comments into the XML and review the alfs-discuss list for cool ideas to explore - you probably need to get involved in these aspects before jumping into code. 
but basically the rule of thumb is explore as much as you can, ask the list if you come unstuck on the non documented stuff, and well do our best to keep the info up-to-date:) 

As this project is still relatively small in the participation aspect, I expect you will be able help resolve some of those late night head *ds££$%'s. That certainly going to be the case once the ideas and vision docs are released. :)


PS what are your skills. 
Mine are mostly in Software/database design. UML, Booch, OOP methods that kind of thing, my development back ground is in Delphi and oracle, some c/c++ and I'm learning JAVA. 
Unix development is a new thing for me, but jumping in with both feet and no life jacket is a good way to learn as long as you don't mind a few splashes. 

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  On 2001.11.18 11:51 Neven Has wrote:
  > On Sat, Nov 17, 2001 at 11:26:41PM +0000, Christophe Dupr wrote:
  > > Neven has his own alfs. Fine. I then have two
  > > questions:
  > nALFS is only one implementation of ALFS. "my own alfs" sounds scary. ;)
  > > 1: Has Neven seems to do a good work on alfs, why his
  > > version is not the official one?
  > Personally, I don't think that there is a need for an "official"
  > implementation. IMHO, the most important thing is to set some official
  > standards, like profile's syntax, backend<->frontend IPC in the future
  > etc.
  > That way, we can have Perl FE_BE, nALFS and tons of other implementations
  > waiting to be written. :) Users could then choose the ones that suits
  > them more.
  > > 2: This second question is for Neven. Are you the only
  > > person developing nalfs or are you getting some help.
  > > If no, would you like to get some.
  > Help is always appreciated, thanks.
  > Neven

  I agree, as long as we can standardise the profiles and certain other 
  behaviour, you can have all kinds of different implementations, text or 
  gui, leightweight vs all singing all dancing, even one that builds linux 
  from windows !!!@? :) Actually that would be cool, anyone want to do a 
  java version so we can theoretically build from anywhere :)


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