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Matthias Benkmann haferfrost at
Sat Nov 17 16:05:24 PST 2001

On 17 Nov 2001, at 13:52, Mark Ellis wrote:

> > > all the original authors around ? Shall I just whack the GPL in there ?
> > 
> > I remember that we (long time ago) agreed to use BSD. I'm not very big on
> > these things neither (hence GPL in nALFS :), so I don't actually remember
> > the reasons for that.
> > 
> Fair enough, so should I just put the BSD license i there ? I'm only 
> asking 'cos, at least at the moment, the vast majority of the code in there
> isn't mine, and it seems like a good idea to put _something_ in there.
> Gerard, are you listening in ? I presume Jesse is still out of touch,
> anyone else still lurking about ?

Just be aware of the fact that the BSD license does not give you any 
protection for your code. To cite the typical argument against the BSD 
license: Microsoft can take your code and put it in non-open source 

You can always add the BSD license later if someone complains that the GPL 
is too restrictive, but revoking the BSD license and making the code GPL 
only is not possible. You can create a new GPL only branch but the old 
code will remain licensed under the BSD license.

So if you're not sure which license you want, pick the GPL.


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