newish perl FE_BE

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Sat Nov 17 05:52:54 PST 2001

On 2001.11.17 12:37 Neven Has wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 07:47:11PM +0000, Mark Ellis wrote:
> > Hi guys, finally got around to doing something with the perl version.
> Most
> > importantly, it now deals with the new syntax, and hopefully will still
> > handle the old style okay.
> Woohoo, great. :)
> I think we can slowly start dumping the old syntax. There are only a few
> things left to do with the new one, and then the other additions will
> only be
> "on top" of it.
> > One other thing that caught my eye, there's nothing in the license. I'm
> not
> > really big on these things, but I thought something should be in there.
> Are
> > all the original authors around ? Shall I just whack the GPL in there ?
> I remember that we (long time ago) agreed to use BSD. I'm not very big on
> these things neither (hence GPL in nALFS :), so I don't actually remember
> the reasons for that.

Fair enough, so should I just put the BSD license i there ? I'm only 
asking 'cos, at least at the moment, the vast majority of the code in 
there isn't mine, and it seems like a good idea to put _something_ in 
there. Gerard, are you listening in ? I presume Jesse is still out of 
touch, anyone else still lurking about ?

> > Anyway, enjoy. Now on to the next part, hmm, <options> for copy etc. or
> an
> > install log, decisions decisions :)
> :) You should probably go with <options>, since it will become part of
> the syntax, as we agreed.
> Neven

Think you're right, i'm just dying to get a simple file tracking package 
manager in there so i can let alfs do everything rather than commenting 
out install commands so i can track everyrhing manually. I'm trying to 
convert Ingo Brueckl's Guarded Installation Tool to perl, it's a 
deceptively complicated bit of shell scripting, very slick.

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