newish perl FE_BE

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Fri Nov 16 11:47:11 PST 2001

Hi guys, finally got around to doing something with the perl version. Most
importantly, it now deals with the new syntax, and hopefully will still
handle the old style okay. Neven, I think the only difference with the
latest nALFS is the link type as an attribute, other than that I think
we're parallel.

I've also fiddled a bit with the ALFS::Message API, and documented the
public methods, I'll be interested in some feedback on this, I wanted to
make it as simple to use as possible so when the IPC protocol comes up
again it'll be easy to fit in. I've barely touched the actual
communication, just tidied up the interface.

You can find all this at

If anyone has a chance, I'd appreciate it if you can give it a good
bashing. Usage is exactly the same, there are some LFS profiles in a
separate package, along with a dtd.

One other thing that caught my eye, there's nothing in the license. I'm not
really big on these things, but I thought something should be in there. Are
all the original authors around ? Shall I just whack the GPL in there ?

Anyway, enjoy. Now on to the next part, hmm, <options> for copy etc. or an
install log, decisions decisions :)

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